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Cannolis for breakfast

"I'm confused"

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He is a sicko. Call me crazy, I dont care.

You can challenge a poster on the subject of the discussion fir of his comment, but if it becomes personal, I will delete it. Yes, of bbreakfast.

How many whopping bucks did Ryan get from the pro life interests Everything is a conspiracy, right. Don't compare other things like that, just enjoy it as it's own thing.

Yes, prayer and fasting will most definitely exorcise the bone Daniela Evans Gay rot in Ze Church.

Can't have the religious be on equal ground with the non religious. Of the people I know today (and I am including my own extended family) I don't know any families which are not armed. identity politics. Well that's not going to happen.

What else can he do. Quite surprisingly, I've yet to notice any evidence of disapproval or disagreement. I would go to Kings Canyon or Sequoia on my days off. I say show me.

You probably should. Obviously liberals now apply this maxim to ALL misdeeds.

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Tom | 22.04.2018
That's diversity for you!
Brarn | 29.04.2018
Your all about equality aren't you?
Kazijora | 30.04.2018
Those veggies will kill you ;-)
Vuzshura | 03.05.2018
Intentional, knowingly false statements.
Meshakar | 10.05.2018
hello claire
Nishicage | 13.05.2018
I didn't know that
Brahn | 19.05.2018
Don't mess with Trump!
Akigul | 27.05.2018
No biggie!
Arazahn | 05.06.2018
I do that at night when doing parkour
Sacage | 13.06.2018
I'm not sure I understand?
Goltisida | 19.06.2018
And of those 19 how many voted against Trump?
Doule | 24.06.2018
…….and repeating race war histories from South Africa.
Mezigore | 25.06.2018
i like that song!
Meztigore | 05.07.2018
Thanks for your response, Hawk.
Malat | 07.07.2018
EXACTLY!!! You nailed it.
Arashirr | 13.07.2018
Lol! Glad you like it!
Yobei | 15.07.2018
bad for you
Shajin | 17.07.2018
Life is hard as hell, and we only have a limited amount of energy to spend on living it. Do not spend any on people or things that bring you down. Lots of people "used to be" friends. Let them go if they just drain you, you need all the energy you have for yourself and your child.
Kagajin | 25.07.2018
no i am
Kigalabar | 01.08.2018
Tonris | 10.08.2018
$19.95 plus shipping and handling
Meztijas | 18.08.2018
Amazing :D
Malagis | 26.08.2018
Luv ya
Kem | 04.09.2018
I don't really have recommendations though
Voodooshakar | 07.09.2018
It is his wish.
Cannolis for breakfast

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